About Us

Gokarna is a small and beautiful town located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka. The town is home to many beaches like the Gokarna beach, Om beach, Kudle beach, Honalgadde beach, Kagal beach, Half moon beach, Small hell beach, Heaven beach, God’s own beach, Mystery Cave beach and many more. Owing to these beautiful beaches, Gokarna has grown into a top destination of Karnataka Tourism.

Gokarna beach is the main beach of the town and Kudle is the largest among the five most popular ones. Kudle beach can be much crowded in the peak season, which is from November to February. Om beach is much popular among the surfers. To enjoy the real beauty of Gokarna, you will need the assistance of a tour operator and a guide and that is where we can help you.

We are a trekking, hiking, and hospitality provider in Gokarna, working in the Canara region of coastal Karnataka. If you are looking to have a memorable and peaceful stay in the Canara coastal region, we can guarantee you the same with at pristine, yet affordable Gokarna beach resorts and hotels. Our beach property, spreading across four acres, is located very near to the coast of Gokarna and we offer tent houses that you can rent on per day basis.

We can assure you a comfortable beach stay in the most comfortable Gokarna best beach resorts and hotels, with plentiful options for adventure, fun, and splendid timeouts. We can plan the Gokarna holiday for you, so that you need not worry anything about your vacation in Gokarna.

tent house in Gokarna